The Tallest Building in San Antonio, Texas

Have you ever wondered what the tallest skyscraper structure in Texas is? Or how tall this building is?

Many tourists love visiting skyscraper buildings for the purpose of having a 360° view of the city or just to see the sunset. In Texas, the tallest building is located in Houston.

JPMorgan Chase Tower

Excluding radio towers, this is the tallest structure in the state. It contains 75 floors and is located at 600 Travis Street in Downtown Houston, Texas.  The tower was built between 1979 and 1981 as the Texas Commerce Tower. When it was completed, it was also considered the tallest granite-clad building in the world. The architects behind this skyscraper are the famous I. M. Pei & Partners. JPMorgan is a 305.4-meter skyscraper and a five-sided office tower clad in pale gray polished granite. Originally planned for 80 stores tall, the tower was shortened at the order of the Federal Aviation Administration.

The sky lobby observation deck is located on the 60th floor. The sky lobby acts as a transfer point for persons traveling to the upper floors, but also as an observation deck for the building tenants. Sadly, the sky lobby is permanently closed to the public is only accessible by the tenants of the building.

While the tower’s name reflects the bank JPMorgan Chase, the only space designated to Chase is a single branch office on the bottom floor. The tower is owned by Prime Asset Management and managed by its original owner, Hines Interests.