The Coolest Buildings in Texas

Geographically speaking, Texas is larger than Germany, England, Scotland, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Belgium and the Netherlands combined. It is the second largest and second most populous state in the south in the United States of America. It is popularly known as the “The Lone Star State” to signify its former status as an independent republic, and as a reminder of the state’s struggle for independence from Mexico. Texas is so big and has diverse landscape ranges from desert badlands and swimmable coastlines to green mountains and sprawling prairies.

You can find all kinds of country culture in this beautiful state- from rodeos, line-dancing, and opportunities for an adventure. Whatever you love, it lives here. You can try different things while staying in Texas. It has a lot of beautiful beaches, golf places, historical places, and sports recreational activities. If you are a food enthusiast, you should never miss their famous barbeque. Texas is known for their plates of ribs or brisket served with generous Texas home-style side dishes. The famous Franklin Barbeque in Austin have a long queue of customers waiting every day, and they don’t seem to mind.

The Great Architecture behind Texas

Texas is also home to some of the great architectural buildings in the world. If you are into culture and arts, then Texas is a must visit place for you. Whether the building was built in the 1700’s or it’s a new sustainable building construction, Texas can be your architectural friend.

Coolest Buildings in Texas

Below are some of the coolest buildings in Texas which might give you the reason to visit this wonderful state. This list is in no particular order and by all means, you can visit them all.

  1. Texas Capitol Building

The Texas Capitol building is taller than the United States Capitol. It is the sixth tallest state capitol building in the world. The construction of this building started way back in the late 1800s and a 75 million dollar underground extension was added in 1993. This building is a must-see when traveling in Texas.

  1. Mission San Jose

Mission San Jose is popularly known as “the Queen” of all the San Antonio Missions. It was once the heart of a thriving Spanish community established in the early 1700s when the church’s beauty attracted from all over the world. A lot of tourists flock to San Antonio just to see this gem.

  1. Frost Bank Tower

The Frost Bank Tower in Austin also known as Owlbert Frost is a skyscraper in Austin Texas. It is the third tallest building in Austin. It was developed by Cousins Properties from November 2001 to December 2003 as a class A office building. This building is quite famous because it is one of the few high-rise buildings that was constructed after the 9/11 attacks. The building was officially dedicated in January 2004.

  1. Reunion Tower

The Reunion Tower in Dallas was built in 1978 and now stands out as the most prominent building in the city. At the top of the building is a globe that holds 259 custom LED lights. This building is famous for those LED lights that illuminate with different colors and patterns. They brighten up the sky with the different lights emitted by them. The LED lights are often used to mark a special event or holiday.

  1. Kimbell Art Museum

If you are into historical facts and figures, then Kimbell Art Museum in Fort Worth, Texas is a must-visit place for you. This museum uses natural light to properly exhibit the works of art, as intended by Architect Louis Kahn who designed the museum. It hosts an art collection as well as traveling art exhibitions, educational programs, and an extensive research library. Visiting this place will awake the bookworm in you.

  1. The Bishop’s Palace

The Bishop’s Palace is one of the most beautiful homes in Galveston. It was built in the early 1890’s for local lawyer Walter Gresham and his wife Josephine Gresham. This house has withstood several hurricanes and weather disturbances. You can take private tours of this place and admire everything about this magnificent home. This place is famous for its stained glass and intricate carvings made when the house was first built.