The Tallest Building in San Antonio, Texas

Have you ever wondered what the tallest skyscraper structure in Texas is? Or how tall this building is?

Many tourists love visiting skyscraper buildings for the purpose of having a 360° view of the city or just to see the sunset. In Texas, the tallest building is located in Houston.

JPMorgan Chase Tower

Excluding radio towers, this is the tallest structure in the state. It contains 75 floors and is located at 600 Travis Street in Downtown Houston, Texas.  The tower was built between 1979 and 1981 as the Texas Commerce Tower. When it was completed, it was also considered the tallest granite-clad building in the world. The architects behind this skyscraper are the famous I. M. Pei & Partners. JPMorgan is a 305.4-meter skyscraper and a five-sided office tower clad in pale gray polished granite. Originally planned for 80 stores tall, the tower was shortened at the order of the Federal Aviation Administration.

The sky lobby observation deck is located on the 60th floor. The sky lobby acts as a transfer point for persons traveling to the upper floors, but also as an observation deck for the building tenants. Sadly, the sky lobby is permanently closed to the public is only accessible by the tenants of the building.

While the tower’s name reflects the bank JPMorgan Chase, the only space designated to Chase is a single branch office on the bottom floor. The tower is owned by Prime Asset Management and managed by its original owner, Hines Interests.


Texas Steel Buildings

Planning to put up a steel building in Texas? There are many construction providers that you can choose from, which offer the materials and even accessories needed for the design and purpose that you have in mind. From small buildings like garages and warehouses to large facilities for commercial, industrial, and agricultural purposes, Texas steel buildings have definitely made their mark in this field. Over the years, they have been established to have the wonderful reputation of being able to provide durable and long-lasting structures that are both cost-efficient and environmentally sound.

Texas steel buildings have certainly come a long way. The companies producing the pre-engineered metal structures used for these buildings have been continuously turning up with various state-of-the-art innovations that are becoming noticeable both in function and design. This is why it is much easier for them to customize every building that each client desires. Even though all buildings are made with the same fundamental materials, each one is different. Each one is unique.

The manufacturers of Texas steel buildings now have a wide assortment of steel products available too. Structural and plate steel of different kinds are all robust and flexible, making them popular among buyers. From angles and beams to flat bars and channels, these steel products can be ordered and bought by themselves with no hassle at all.

Furthermore, a huge inventory of building materials is of course on hand at all times in most companies. You can easily avail components such as panels, doors and windows, ventilation, insulation, trims, base plates, and many more. If, for example, you run out of one of these components or you suddenly need to add another, then you can readily have them delivered to your building location.

Texas steel buildings are also gaining recognition in terms of design, which is why ornamental iron products are now coming out in the market with greater variety. Made of superior carbon steel rather than the old kind which was more brittle, wrought iron has brought on a lot more advancements in building design without sacrificing the strength and sturdiness of the structure. These ornamental products are often used for door and window grates, staircases, balconies, gates, and fencing. They boost the beauty of different types of Texas steel buildings, usually used for commercial amenities, residential homes, and office spaces to create that quaint, traditional look.

Surely people who are thinking of putting up Texas steel buildings are now enjoying a great multiplicity of options from which they can choose the best combinations to fit their needs.

Historic Building – The Menger Hotel in San Antonio

On January 31st, 1859 William Menger opened the Menger Hotel, an old San Antonio landmark that rests just on Alamo Square. Menger was a German immigrant who had arrived in the area in 1840 and ran a brewery at the site of the hotel with a man named Charles Philip Degen. Menger and his wife made the decision to expand their boarding house in 1857 and hired John M. Fries to design the two-story stone building.

The beautiful halls, ballrooms, and gardens of the hotel have all been walked by such historical figures as Ulysses S. Grant, Sarah Bernhardt, and Oscar Wilde. The Menger has successfully expanded since adding a number of additions and thus the hotel now takes up an entire city block. The hotel is ideally placed just a block from the River Walk and resting conveniently between the Alamo and the River Center Mall. William Menger’s hotel has gorgeous public areas, especially its Victorian style lobby. In addition, the Menger Bar is one of San Antonio’s iconic historical taverns.

There are 316 well-appointed rooms in the hotel each furnished with a mixture of both antique and contemporary furniture and all of them have beautiful high ceilings. All the rooms have views of the pool, the Alamo or the gardens so no guest goes without something beautiful to look at. Despite becoming increasingly more refined over the years and being converted from a two-story to five-story structure, the hotel has maintained its beauty and sophistication.

Even with the modifications that have gone into making to the hotel into a modern high-class hotel, the Menger has continued to keep its historic charm. Even with the museum-quality architecture and artifacts, the hotel is still kept open to the public. The hotel’s guests are given access to the largest pool in the center of Antonio where they can relax at the side of the pool or enjoy a comforting swim in the pool’s crystal clear waters. The Menger Bar also serves ice-cold beverages pool-side. Lying adjacent to the pool is the fitness center where guests can enjoy a great view of the landscaping while they exercise.

Additional features of note are the Hotel’s beauty center, mini-bar, multilingual staff, sauna, and wake up service. The hotel is also on the National Register of Historic Places as it is recognized as one of Texas’ oldest and most well-preserved hotels. All in all, the Menger Hotel has all the amenities of a modern hotel yet it remains steeped in history and situated in the beautiful heart of San Antonio.

Texas Steel Buildings – What to Consider for Construction

You just can’t be a spontaneous or impulsive buyer when it comes to purchasing steel buildings. Or else you run the risk of losing a lot of money and putting efforts to waste. Remember that putting up a building is no simple feat, and it certainly is a big investment, which you must carefully consider.

If you are planning to have your own Texas steel buildings erected, here are the things you should consider:

  • Before the actual construction, you have to ensure that all drawings have been prepared and completed already. These are usually required for building permits. Also be sure to check the local building code in your chosen location, whichever part of Texas you have designated. Keep in mind that it is very important for you to show the building code inspector the purchase contract for your Texas steel buildings preceding the actual purchase.
  • In preparing for the approval of Texas steel buildings construction, you must also secure from your supplier the permit drawing that contains a stamp of approval from a certified engineer.
  • Also make sure that you have all the details laid out clearly for Texas steel buildings with your supplier before they ship the materials to your site. This is to ensure that they have prefabricated everything correctly in their factory before the transport of materials.
  • Aside from the basic frame and design of the building, already choose your accessories beforehand. This will also help your supplier in picturing the structure of the building. For instance, there may be things you desire that will not go with the shape and size of a certain area. In this way, you can already check everything.
  • During construction proper, do not assume that the contractor or supplier will also be responsible for the actual assembly or erection. You must have previously employed a builder or erector to put the building itself. Some, however, opt to erect Texas steel buildings by themselves and have successfully done so.
  • Remember to ask a lot of questions all throughout the duration of the process. Plan ahead and try to foresee possible problems you may encounter so that you can plan ahead.
  • After the construction of Texas steel buildings, you must still inspect everything yourself. Do not leave this task to your steel building specialist, if you have one. You might just notice some details that were not properly executed or have been modified. There may be additions or changes that you want to have done.

Texas steel buildings are great investments. Nevertheless, they are not to be purchased without careful planning and consideration. If you want the best, do your part too!

Seven Reasons to Go For San Antonio Apartment Buildings

Are you thinking of relocating to the city of San Antonio and want to start looking for San Antonio apartments in the ‘Heart of Texas’? If that is the case, you would benefit a lot if you have a basic knowledge of the city and what to expect from this city, which also happens to be the seventh largest city of U.S.A. It is known as the ‘River City’ as well as ‘Alamo City’.

A city that boasts of a population of almost 1.5 million, this place is one of the fastest growing economies in the world with a metropolitan and multi-cultural outlook.

Here are top seven reasons for you to buy this place Texas apartments or get San Antonio apartments for rent:

1. It has an expanded economic structure and there are ample opportunities for careers in tourism, financial services, healthcare and Government sectors.

2. If you like a combination of dry and humid weather, this city with a humid subtropical climate will definitely suit you.

3. There is little hassle of snow accumulation in the city and you can reside here peacefully without having to worry about disruptions resulting from wintry precipitation.

4. An ambitious student has every reason to look for apartments because there are no less than 100000 students building their academic career in this city that hosts the University of Texas, University of Texas Health Science Center, Texas A&M University, Trinity University, Our Lady of the Lake University and so many other institutions. There are almost thirty private and charter schools as well. You could also choose to stay here to boost the career of your child.

5. There are various kinds of apartments in the city and you get a range of apartments in this place to choose from, as per your requirements and your budget.

6. San Antonio Texas apartments are varied since the real estate industry is quite developed. So you can find a home that is traditional, as well as modern, contemporary ones.

7. San Antonio has been the place of residence of many a notable politician, architect, artist, mayor, fashion star and other personalities. If you have a fascination to live in a city that has such a historic and cultural value, San Antonio is the place for you.

While you choose apartments in San Antonio, try to choose a neighborhood that has access to at least some of the major freeways like McDermott Freeway, Lucian Adams Freeway, Connally Loop, McAllister Freeway and others. There should be proper transport facilities and basic amenities available in the vicinity.

Ensure that your San Antonio apartments for rent provide the basic tenant rights and the comforts you want. Your rented apartment must be free from legal hassles and be affordable too.

Texas Sized Savings with Texas Steel Buildings

The saying “when in Rome, do as the Romans do” apply to any other place. So when you are in Texas, do as the Texans do. They always do everything in grand proportions. Even food portions in this State are Texas-sized and you will find none in other states. And when it comes to buildings in Texas, there is no other way but to do as the Texans do also. Go big! If you think that the budget has to be big also, with Texas steel buildings, you can never be more wrong. Pre-fabricated or pre-engineered Texas steel buildings are as affordable as you can ever imagine. They are highly customizable, too!

Construction of Texas steel buildings is so affordable pre-fabricated steel buildings are all the rage and highly in demand in the market nowadays. Picking one out is as simple as opening a catalog, choosing the type you want and having the whole kit delivered your doorstep. It was as if you were merely ordering pizza for dinner tonight. Assembling Texas steel buildings is so simple and fast that you would not even need to hire or engage the services of a whole gang of professional contractors. You can do it yourself, thanks to the really detailed yet simple to follow instructions that each kit includes. Texas steel buildings have definitely taken the do-it-yourself home improvement projects to a whole new level.

The savings that Texas steel buildings will give you will not stop at the construction level. It extends towards maintenance and operating costs. As steel is not susceptible to what will easily destroy and rot wood or to cracks like cement and brick materials are, maintenance costs are cut down significantly. You do not even have to constantly think about maintaining the buildings more than the usual cleaning. And if you do decide to expand any of your Texas steel buildings, no problem, because expanding is simple and efficient. Say goodbye to high renovation costs. Expanding Texas steel buildings merely require you to remove the end wall, fit in the additional segments, replace the old end wall and enjoy your newly expanded steel building. It is so easy and simple because each segment is made to accommodate additional segment whenever you need it.

You can go for a small tent-sized carport or an industrial-sized warehouse or factory building. With pre-fabricated steel buildings, the choices are endless.

All Business Can Be Art!

Your Business Can Be Artistic!

Hello from Texas! Did you know that no matter where you are in the world today you can find yourself surrounded by art? Business owners should be considered artists because in their own unique and individual ways they build their place of business and paint their personality into it.

Car Wrap is an art form!

I recently met a car wrap owner here in Texas and was blown away how in a sense car wrap is a type of architecture. They design graphics and vinyl wraps to fit the exact brand and model of car.  Not only do they take the model into consideration, but when designing the graphics they account for the curves in the car and design their personalized art in a way that the curvature of the car accents the vinyl car wrap graphics. Now if that is not art, I do not know what is!