Historic Building – The Menger Hotel in San Antonio

On January 31st, 1859 William Menger opened the Menger Hotel, an old San Antonio landmark that rests just on Alamo Square. Menger was a German immigrant who had arrived in the area in 1840 and ran a brewery at the site of the hotel with a man named Charles Philip Degen. Menger and his wife made the decision to expand their boarding house in 1857 and hired John M. Fries to design the two-story stone building.

The beautiful halls, ballrooms, and gardens of the hotel have all been walked by such historical figures as Ulysses S. Grant, Sarah Bernhardt, and Oscar Wilde. The Menger has successfully expanded since adding a number of additions and thus the hotel now takes up an entire city block. The hotel is ideally placed just a block from the River Walk and resting conveniently between the Alamo and the River Center Mall. William Menger’s hotel has gorgeous public areas, especially its Victorian style lobby. In addition, the Menger Bar is one of San Antonio’s iconic historical taverns.

There are 316 well-appointed rooms in the hotel each furnished with a mixture of both antique and contemporary furniture and all of them have beautiful high ceilings. All the rooms have views of the pool, the Alamo or the gardens so no guest goes without something beautiful to look at. Despite becoming increasingly more refined over the years and being converted from a two-story to five-story structure, the hotel has maintained its beauty and sophistication.

Even with the modifications that have gone into making to the hotel into a modern high-class hotel, the Menger has continued to keep its historic charm. Even with the museum-quality architecture and artifacts, the hotel is still kept open to the public. The hotel’s guests are given access to the largest pool in the center of Antonio where they can relax at the side of the pool or enjoy a comforting swim in the pool’s crystal clear waters. The Menger Bar also serves ice-cold beverages pool-side. Lying adjacent to the pool is the fitness center where guests can enjoy a great view of the landscaping while they exercise.

Additional features of note are the Hotel’s beauty center, mini-bar, multilingual staff, sauna, and wake up service. The hotel is also on the National Register of Historic Places as it is recognized as one of Texas’ oldest and most well-preserved hotels. All in all, the Menger Hotel has all the amenities of a modern hotel yet it remains steeped in history and situated in the beautiful heart of San Antonio.