Building a House in San Antonio, Texas

house with pool nice view

Texas can be your next home. This state is known for its long summer, warm fall, mild winter and generally fruitful spring. With this kind of weather, there is no shortage of produce all year round for the urban and rural farms here. Texas is located in the south of the United States. It is so big and has diverse landscape ranges from desert badlands and swimmable coastlines to green mountains and sprawling prairies. Due to its lush, green and naturally beautiful landscapes, it has lots of farms scattered in all places. Farming is one of the sources of living especially in urban areas.

Now planning to have a home located in Texas can be a tough task. You have a lot of things to consider. However, Texas is beautiful as it is so a home in Texas is also a good idea.

Things to keep in mind

  • There are different kinds of architectural styles in every region of Texas

You should know that every region in this place embraces different architectural styles. Houston and Dallas are both much traditional than Austin or even West Texas. You will see here that locals love steep roofs, red bricks, and dramatic staircases. It means that for an all red brick Colonial house plan would work well in Houston, while a modern farmhouse home plan will not. In the Texas Hill Country, you are going to find a lot more casual and more modern work. Austin has a lot of edgy modern work and a very little traditional.

  • Always remember to know the rules and regulations for building a home in your area

Do not just go buying a house and remodeling it according to your plan. There are certain rules and regulations that authorities impose so you must be aware of them. The “McMansion Ordinance”, is a nickname given for a particular set of building regulations within parts of Austin. Putting this simply, you cannot build a ginormous mansion beside your neighbor’s tiny bungalow. You have to calculate the amount of cover for the entire land and submit that to the authorities. It also needs to fit within the requirements. A part of the requirement is called floor to area ration, which is the square footage of the house compared with the square footage of the lot.

  • Austin can be an expensive place to live in

If you can afford it, then give it a shot. Austin is an area in Texas where property values soar. However, it is an amazing, vibrant city with all kinds of good amenities.

  • Basements are a big No-No in Texas

If you dig about 6 inches below, there’s the rock, and it’s a solid limestone. It requires heavy equipment to get it out. So a basement is not a good idea if you decide to build a home in Texas. If you do, limestone can just cause you problems because water shoots through it horizontally with a lot of hydrostatic pressure. Therefore, if you build a basement in Texas, you will be forcing your basement’s walls to withstand a higher-than-normal amount of water pressure.

  • Select a professional, pre-drawn house, then customize it

Choose a house plan drawn by a veteran, professional builder and designer. People may have different priorities especially in big families. Every member of your home wants to create an adobe of their own choice. Choosing a professional home builder will be the most convenient and reasonable option for you. Professionals take your own requirement and offer great advice to create your beautiful house. You don’t have to worry about the construction material, sketching of property, architecture, blueprint and labor work. Your home builder will take care of that for you.

  • Build or Remodel

It is also important to know if you want to build or remodel. Ask yourself if you are comfortable with the average construction costs for the type of house you want. Set your requirements for the specific number of bedrooms, bathrooms, etc. If you are thinking of a remodeling, check your budget. If it meets the reconfiguring you want, then go for it. Take into consideration the details you want for your remodeling, and if it needs to be taken down to the studs. This is important so that you can set realistic goals for the kind of house you want.